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Discipline and consistency which are parallel like two side boards, and just as

regularly repeated as the

bars of Woody Gym.

And the story begins with …

The story of  WOODY GYM brand starts with years of experience in furniture manufacturing and the desire to make sport and healthy habits accessible to every home. 

How often people don't do sports because they have lack of time or finances? Each of you can answer this question because you or your relatives were in this situation. Often desire to take care of our body is very great, but this is hindered by various circumstances. For example, the gym is far away, the sportswear should be super fashionable and preferably more than just exercising, the gym subscription is too expensive, there are a lot of home affairs, and in the end we are just tired after work. These are the excuses we hear most often. Then why not move this gym at home right away? Where you don't have to spend 1 or 2 hours, because the subscription provides, but can train at least 10-15 minutes every hour or, for example, half an hour in the morning and in the evening? And in your favorite T-shirt too.

It has been proven that a person is more likely to follow an athletic lifestyle when there are no external obstacles.

Don't you believe it?

Here is an example from statistics:

80% of those who subscribed in January stopped exercising in the gym within 4 to 5 months,

and 5 to 10% even before the end of January. Another 10-20% will give up by the end of February.

And only 10% of visitors go to the gym regularly!

white pull up bar.JPG

Another important factor that has influenced the development of sports equipment and the WOODY GYM wall bars is that people don't want to include sports equipment in the interior of their home. Do you guess why? Because nobody likes a piece of iron in the middle of their house.

The idea for our wall bars and their design was guided precisely by this thought: How can you design a wall bars that look good in a modern interior? Then we collected different opinions and design options for modern houses and found that the design of our wall bars should correspond exactly to a simple and environmentally friendly environment. From this the choice of material followed and we immediately got to one possible variant - plywood. High quality plywood in modern and soothing colors.

Maybe you should start exercising at home after all? Increase the load without deceiving yourself, based on the abilities of your own body and not those of the bodybuilder running on the branch?

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